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Monday To Saturday 7am To 2pm

Sunday 8am To 1.30pm

Bookings Available For Groups Of 4 Or More


toast - sourdough - soy linseed - white                                                      

           - fruit & raisin - gluten free                                                     

served with vegemite, honey, marmalade, strawberry jam or peanut butter

eggs on toast – poached - scrambled - fried                                         

mushrooms & spinach – grilled mushrooms & spinach on toast      

bruschetta – tomato, fetta, balsamic & poached eggs on toast      

smashed avocado – avocado, sliced tomato & fetta on toast        

eggs benedict - grilled button mushroom, baby spinach,                 

homemade hollandaise sauce, asparagus, broccolini and

poached eggs on toast- served with bacon or smoked salmon

big breakfast – bacon, eggs, chorizo, grilled field mushroom,          

grilled haloumi, tomato on toast with a hash brown

sandwiches  [sourdough - soy linseed - white - wrap]

toastie – fresh ham, sliced tomato and cheese toastie                      

BLT – crispy bacon, crunchy lettuce and sliced tomato                         

ham – fresh ham, sliced tomato, avocado cheese and salad             

salmon – smoked salmon, sliced tomato, avo, cheese and salad     

chicken– chicken breast, sliced tomato, avo, cheese & salad          


classic bacon & egg roll - bacon, egg, grilled onion, tomato       

and cheese served on a milk bun

beef burger – homemade beef patty, crispy bacon, grilled             

onion, tomato, avocado, baby pickles, cheese, grilled

mushroom and salad served on a milk bun with a side of chips

chicken burger – house marinated grilled chicken breast,               

crispy bacon, sliced tomato, avocado, cheese, grilled

mushroom and salad served on a milk bun with a side of chips


muesli bowl – yoghurt, muesli, kiwi, banana, berries, chai & honey 

acai bowl –  acai, banana, kiwi fruit, strawberry, blueberry,              

chai seed and shaved almond

chicken caesar bowl –  lettuce, crispy bacon, crunchy                  

croutons, chicken schnitzel, parmesan cheese & ceasar dressing

vegan bowl – grilled pumpkin, kale, beetroot, roast chickpeas,      

pumpkin hummus, honey guacamole, cherry tomato and toast


bacon - smoked salmon - ham - avocado - grilled mushroom -             

crushed fetta - grilled haloumi - grilled chicken - eggs(2)    


flat white - latte - cappuccino - long black                 

macchiato - piccolo                                                                                

mocha - iced latte - iced long black                            

hot chocolate - chai latte - decaf - turmeric             


iced coffee - iced chocolate - served with ice cream                            

bon soy - milklab almond - lactose free -  Oat - Macadamia


english breakfast earl grey - green - chamomile - peppermint


chocolate - coffee - mocha                                                        


chocolate - strawberry banana - caramel - vanilla - Lime


banana - mango - berry - blueberry cinnamon - LSA - green - acai

fresh juice                                                                                                   

orange carrot ginger - apple pear celery - season special 



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